January 19, 2021

Merced—The Merced County Department of Public Health (Department) is temporarily placing a hold on administering an allotment of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine that is linked to possible allergic reactions.

The Department received 1,500 vaccine doses from the Moderna Lot 041L20A, which was linked to fewer than 10 apparent allergic reactions in the San Diego area. Approximately 150 individuals in Merced County received a vaccination from that Lot from the Department last week, no immediate reaction upon administration of the vaccine have been reported at this time.

It is unknown if the potential allergic reactions (reported from the San Diego area) were specific to the Lot or the Batch of Moderna vaccine. Out of an abundance of caution, the Department is following State recommendations and temporary holding the remaining doses until the ongoing investigation is complete. Merced County was notified of the potential issue from the California Department of Public Health on Jan. 17 and immediately took action to place a hold on those vaccines.

“The State is reporting that so far this seems like an isolated incident of individuals potentially experiencing allergic reactions within the standard observation period. It is expected that the COVID-19 vaccine, like all other vaccines, may have potential side effects. If you are experiencing any severe medical or psychological distress, please seek medical assistance immediately,” says Dr. Sandoval, Public Health Officer.

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As a reminder, it is still a local and statewide mandate to wear a cloth face covering inside of, or in line to enter any indoor public space, or when unable to maintain six feet for social distancing. Merced County health officials strongly urge all residents to exercise the following safety measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19:

  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces
  • Practice social distancing
  • Wash hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds
  • Use hand sanitizer with 60 percent alcohol base when handwashing is not possible
  • Stay home and isolate, if you are feeling sick

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