Vaccine Info for Healthcare Providers

The success of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccination program will depend on the collaboration of the Merced County Department of Public Health (Department) and the Merced County health care providers who choose to participate in the vaccination program. The federal COVID-19 Vaccination Plan will allocate and distribute the vaccines in a four-phase system that prioritizes the most vulnerable, at-risk groups, in our community first. The COVID-19 vaccines and ancillary supplies will be procured and distributed by the federal government at no cost to enrolled COVID-19 vaccination providers.

Provider Participation

To participate in the vaccination program, all health care providers and organizations will be required to electronically register and enroll in the federal COVID-19 Vaccination Program through the California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) system called COVIDReadi. Enrolled COVID-19 vaccination providers must be credentialed/licensed in Merced County, and sign/agree to the conditions in the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider Agreement.

The Department will make a link to COVIDReadi available to the providers who choose to participate in the vaccination program.

The Importance of Vaccinating Healthcare Personnel

Based on recommendations provided by Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), the CDC recommends that healthcare personnel should be among the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccines. Due to the critical role they play in providing medical attention to others, healthcare personnel are at greater risk for infection and becoming ill with COVID-19. Vaccinating the healthcare workforce also ensures that our healthcare workforce stays protected when their services are needed more than ever. Vaccinating healthcare personnel also prevents the spread of COVID-19 to patients, particularly those with underlying conditions that may put them at risk for severe illness.

Fore more information visit the CDC webpage on the importance of vaccinating healthcare personnel.


The CDC is implementing a new smartphone tool called v-safe (visit v-safe website)  to provide personalized check-ins to those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine. Through v-safe, those who have enrolled after receiving the vaccine can report any side effects. Depending on the answers provided by the person, someone from CDC may call to get more information. Vaccinated individuals will also get reminders when it’s time to get the second COVID-19 vaccine dose. The participation in CDC’s v-safe by all who have received the COVID-19 vaccine makes a difference — it helps keep COVID-19 vaccines safe.

To learn more about registering for the tool after receiving the vaccine, visit the CDC’s website on v-safe.

New Vaccine Management System (CalVax) is coming early 2021!

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) announced the rollout of CalVax, a state-wide centralized system for healthcare providers enrolled or interested in participating in the California COVID-19 Vaccination Program.

  • CalVax will replace the existing COVIDReadi system and will be available mid-January 2021.
  • CalVax allows providers to enroll in the California COVID-19 Vaccination Program, order vaccines, update account information, and manage vaccine reporting tasks.
  • If you are already enrolled in COVIDReadi or are further along in the process of enrolling (completed part A and at least one part of B) before January 8th, you do not need to re-enroll in CalVax.

More information about CalVax will be coming soon.

COVID-19 Vaccine EUA Fact Sheets

Currently, there is not a COVID-19 Vaccination Information Sheet. There is, however, an EUA Fact Sheet for Recipients that should be provided to patients at the time of vaccination.



Additional Resources

As more information becomes available for release, this site will be updated.  For more information about vaccine planning, please visit:

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